Plan first, then write

A good plan includes structuring your text. Set headings of different levels with one or more equal signs.

For a better overview, you can also collapse the content of these sections - that's what the levels are called in AsciiDoc

One Place for all Media

Images, videos and audio files improve every text. They are positioned directly where they belong.

You will never lose track of even the largest documents. One click on the Media folder and the document preview becomes a media preview - including Quick Look.

What if the Projects
become more complex?

So far, we have focused on a single file for your project. However, you can also divide your document into Chapters. This gives you a better overview of your texts.

To do this, create a Composite document. You can now create new chapters using the plus symbol in the toolbar. These and other components appear in the sidebar after creation.

Do you want to reorganize your document? Then drag and drop the relevant chapters to their new location.

Automatic Table of Contents

When a document becomes more extensive, a table of contents helps you to keep an overview.

A simple :toc: at the beginning of the document creates it automatically.

You just specify the position and number of levels. adoc Studio updates it automatically every time you make a change.

Project Navigation

Technical documents are often very elaborate. The sidebar in adoc Studio offers more than just a list of all files.

The tab for sections deals exclusively with the structure. Regardless of whether it is a single or composite document, a click in the outline will take you to the relevant section.

In the global search, the third tab, you search for your term in all project files and can also replace it automatically.

Early-Warning System

Mistakes happen. The Problem Navigator helps you to fix them.

For example, if an image has been removed from the media folder, a warning will notify you. You can quickly and at any time see where your document contains errors. One mouse click will take you directly to the cause.